I have a payment issue

If you are experiencing issues with your payment method, the following suggestions may help you resolve the problem.

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Declined payment

If your bank or financial organization has declined the charge:
  • Review that your payment information (e.g., CVV and expiration date) is correct.
  • Check that the payment method you are using is valid and, supported by us.
  • If a transaction fails, our system will make several automatic attempts to process the charge. If the payment continues to fail, in order to continue enjoying our platform, you will need to settle the payment, possibly by using an alternative payment method.

If you're still having trouble, verify that your payment method is eligible for e-commerce transactions.

Understand your charge

Charged on a different day than expected

If you are usually billed on a date that does not exist in a particular month (e.g., the 31st), your payment will be processed on the last day of that month instead.

Multiple charges in the same month

If you are subscribed to a single subscription and yet see multiple charges from us on your credit card records, it is possible that:
  • You signed up to Home of Hockey with an additional account (associated with another email address) and purchased a subscription.
  • A prior transaction had failed on the subscription's original renewal date, but it was successfully charged onward.
  • You purchased a Pay-Per-View stream and paid for it individually.

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